Argyros is an electro/hard dance collaboration between myself and Georgios Tsikriteas. We have been producing music together for nearly seven years, and have accomplished quite a lot in this period of time.

The majority of music produced by Argyros is produced for “Russ” in Norway. Russ is the Norwegian equivalent to high-school graduation ceremonies in North America. Clients hire music producers to write personalized songs to promote and represent their class during the festivities. Working as a Russ producer has taught me a great deal about client-based work. Most importantly, it strengthened my ability to deliver a quality product to a customer in a narrow time period. It also helped develop my skills at dealing with clients, and creating products that they are very pleased with.

The music is not video-game oriented, however it does showcase more of my musical talent. More information on the group, as well as all music produced to date, can be found on our Facebook page, located here.

“Morgan was really easy to work with, and I’m very happy with the work he did on Polar Express. Highly recommended!” – Stian Solberg